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Game Drive

 Game drives in a 4×4 vehicle is one of the  best way to see wildlife gabon wildlife. In Loango during rainy season from November to April, you can find large mammals roaming freely on the beach. While dry season June-End August is better period to see them  in all parks.

 Walking Safari

 For those in good physical condition they could do gorillas and mandrills tracking on foot. It is one of the best ways to observ them and learn more about the diversity Gabon botanical ;especially in Akanda National Park which has our famous trees such as Odika. YBut also to see the most  inconspicuous forest animals and birds.

Turtle Patrol

 Loango, Pongara and Mayumba beach host one of the largest leatherback populations in the world and the highest density in Africa. The turtle season, from October to February, where you can venture out at night with our expert eco-guides to look for nesting marine turtles. We can name four categories turtles the leatherback and the olive ridley nest here regularly but the green turtle and the hawksbill turtle only nest in Gabon on very rare occasions.

Whale Watching

From mid-July to mid-September, humpback whales visit the coastline of Loango, Mayumba and Pongara National Park. Go out on a boat with an experienced skipper to look for these impressive, playful mammals.

Bird Watching

Gabon is a paradise for dedicated birdwatchers that want to track down 100’s of forest and Congo basin species. There can be observ in many area of Gabon : Loango, Akanda, Mayumba, Moukalaba Doudou , Pongara, Lekedi Lope National Park including in Lambarene especially at Tsam tsam.

Gorillas Habituation Program

Go on a rare opportunity to find the habituated Western Lowland Gorillas at Yatounga camp.   This is where the ‘gorilla team’ lives, so you’ll be able to get a glimpse of what it is like to live at a research camp in the forest.Get a chance of seeing a family of 18 gorillas including two babies.The visit with the gorillas will be for approximately one hour.   We typically see the gorillas from a distance of 10-30 meters away, but sometimes they feed on fruit more than 30m up in trees.

 Rock Art Carving In Lope

 It was first discovered in Gabon in 1987 when the site of Elarmekora was found. Since then, a systematic search for rock art petroglyphs on the numerous rock outcrops along the valley of the Ogooue river has resulted in the discovery of numerous new sites. Preliminary studies suggest that these petroglyphs are contemporary with the Iron Age, being chronologically close to the beginning of the Christian Era. There have been discoveries of a form of open air rock art in the upper and middle stretches of Gabon’s Ogooue valley, where they are found engraved on ovoid boulders and flat outcrops. Previously this form of art was only known from the borders of the Congo Basin: the Bidzar petroglyphs in Cameroun (Mariiac 1981:212), the Calola, Bambala and Capelo rock art assemblages in the upper valley of the Zambezi in Angola (Ervedosa 1980:445), the engraved rocks of Kwilu site in Lower Congo (Nenquin 1959), together with Mpatou, Lengo, Bambari and Bangassou sites in the Central African Republic (Bayle des Hermens 1975: 343). The Elarmekora site in Gabon, was discovered in 1987 (Oslisly 1987), at the end of a long research program on Iron Age sites in the Otoumbi region.

Sport Fishing

Unexplored waters, upscale accommodation in a wilderness setting,plus a vast array of sportfishing species await the intrepid angler. Gabon’s Loango, Mayumba National Park and Sette Cama are home to a world-class fishery.
Loango is a place where you can be fishing the near-shore waters for tarpon while elephants and hippos roam the beaches in front of you.
Gabon is an african fishing paradise where you can find Cubera snapper, tarpon, African threadfin, jack crevalle, whitefin jacks, barracuda, rouge, Senegal kob, guitar fish and the elusive san crevalle (on fly for the challenger).

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